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Dr. Alexander Lenk

Cloud Computing, Smart Data Technology and Standardization, Big Data, Disaster Recovery, Distributed Systems, Digitalization, Tech

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  • Redhat Summit Keynote on BMW Cloud-enabled Connected Cars (Video)
    Redhat Summit, Boston, 2019
  • AWS Summit Keynote on BMW Connected Cars Cloud Hubs (Video)
    AWS Summit, Berlin, 2018
  • On the Road to Cloud Native: Containerizing the BMW Connected Car Backend
    Redhat Summit, San Francisco, 2018
  • Industry Keynote: BMW Cloud Native Connected Cars (Slides)
    6th European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing (ESOCC), Oslo, 2017
  • Shifting up: How BMW speeds up application delivery using a cloud-native application platform (Slides)
    Redhat Summit, Boston, 2017
  • Towards a Taxonomy of Smart Data Standards
    IEEE Big Data Conference (SCDM Workshop), Santa Clara, 2015
  • Smart Data and Industry 4.0
    European Commission DG GROW, Brussels, 2015
  • The Technology Program Smart Data
    German Ministry of Economics and Energy, Berlin, 2015
  • Cloud Standby: Disaster Recovery of Distributed Systems in the Cloud
    3rd European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing (ESOCC), Manchester, 2014
  • Cloud Service Engineering: Building a Private Cloud
    ICSE Tutorial, Cape Town, 2010

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  • More than 20 scientific publications with over 1000 citations in the field of Cloud Computing and Smart Data are available on Google Scholar

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